Get Out!

Survival by Micro Adventure

It´s been a couple of years out of the ordinary. Limited travel or no travel at all. Restrictions on how people meet and greet. Miserable across the board. Outdoor adventure enthusiasts have had more options that most for sure. Many of us have survived by micro adventure.

It doesn´t take much but imagination. Adventure comes in many sizes and it is all up to you to turn everyday moments into life affirming happenings. For our small team it most often starts with packing a small bag and heading out – on foot, on a pedal- or engine-powered bike, in a kayak or canoe. For an overnighter always with a Draumr™ hammock – our favorite and preferred way of sleeping out.
We bring food and means to prepare it. A good knife and a cup, or a pot and a pan. Keeping it simple is key.

Chose a spot you know if you have no time to explore, invite a friend if you prefer not to fly solo. Don´t under estimate the experience of experience it in your own company. Learning to be out by yourself is a valuable experience. Try it some time.

Life may not return to “normal” any time soon, so take comfort in nature and any chance to sit down in a forest, leaning up against a tree. Look up at the sky and appreciate the moment.