Long term Review: Klim Krios

DISCLAIMER. As in all helmet discussions, it´s important to start with this obvious disclaimer: Yes, head shapes are very different, and the same goes for the riding environment in which we operate with our lid on. Rider setup, airflow and turbulence differ greatly from one bike to another. Still, quality in design and workmanship is an important factor when picking a helmet, and that’s where I would like to start with the Krios.

The Klim Krios

The all carbon fiber Krios from Klim, is a great helmet. I’ve wedged my head into a fair number of helmets through my years riding motorcycles and racing cars. Some lids were great, other not so much. I have worn the Klim over 3 months of riding, and the Krios has become one of my all time favorites.

Precision and Quality

At this moment, you cannot find a lighter adventure helmet. The exceptional low weight is achieved partly through precision manufacturing. Carbon fiber is a natural choice for a low weight / high strength result. Klim production techniques have resulted in a helmet with precise and consistent shell thickness, minimizing individual variations. Nice to see in a hand laid carbon product and a testament to the individual commitment at the production line. 

The product finish is exceptionally nice, if you appreciate the helmet’s minimalistic and technical look. No unnecessary trim pieces, no over-designed fittings. Just a functional, smooth, aerodynamic package, void of styling bullshit.  

The helmet shell finish stand up to the sharpest scrutiny – as do all molded pieces and the removable interior. The comfort liner is made from anti-bacterial material, easy to take out and fast drying. Securing the helmet to your noggin, is a strap and D-ring.

Quality is always an issue with personal safety gear, and Klim has a long and trust-inspiring track record for product quality and customer support. The Krios meets or exceeds all ECE and DOT standards for motorcycle helmets.   


Like most other helmets in the Adventure class, the Krios can be reconfigured without the use of tools. Not a feature I employ a lot, but it works as advertised: You can remove the visor and/or the shield, quickly and easily.  So, if you’re getting ready for a grueling freeway stint, the Krios can be turned into a touring lid smooth as an egg.

The field of vision is huge and the optical quality of the stock shield is perfect, with no distortion.  

Quiet please

Comparing the Krios to it´s competitors, you will immediately spot the difference in profile and shell size. The Krios is rounder and has a less sculpted profile then most modern adventure helmets. The result is a smoother profile and a more quiet experience. The shape of the adjustable visor and large rear spoiler works brilliantly together to create a smooth airflow, when exposed to “clean air”. And a smooth airflow keep things quiet.


When developing the lightest adventure helmet ever, you need to compromise somewhere, hence the Krios isn’t covered in little vents and knobs, like some other brands. The main vent is that of the chin bar. Generous in size, permanently open, channeling air up at the face shield preventing fogging. 

There is another vent on the front, above the face opening. This can be open or closed. Air entering the front of the helmet are channelled out through exhaust vents  located under the rear spoiler.

Excess ventilation adds weight and is a noise maker, therefore Klim has gone to great length to arrive at the ultimate compromise. The helmet feel nicely ventilated with the face shield in place, and vents well when using goggles. 

I don’t see an issue with not being able to close to the chin vent in colder temperatures, but if that proves to be the case, I will get creative. 

My helmet was delivered with two shields (one clear, one dark) as well as a custom PinLock™.


I like the Krios a lot and it grabs top spot in comparison with all other adventure style helmets I have tried. The exceptional low weight has everything to do with this. I keep hearing the argument, “its only a few grams”. Yes, compared to some, it is lighter by “just a few grams”. But these grams are noticeable and makes a difference, together with the superior aerodynamics. The Krios feels lighter and more agile, adding to my overall riding comfort.


The Krios is the most comfortable adventure helmet I have owned. Klim is not the only manufacturer making high quality helmets, but I have a feeling they spend more time in development and manufacturing, then they do in marketing. 

Not only is the Krios the lightest helmet on the market, but it is also one of the least noisy.

Both benchmarks can be attributed to the same fact – Klim´s minimalistic approach, turning their backs to the typical bells and whistles, staying focused on developing the ultimate adventure lid.